Few Things You Can Do In Sydney

sydney-must-see-blockEvery city in Australia has something beautiful to offer you, but Sydney is one of the best cities to visit. You’ll find a combination of surf beaches, the Sydney Opera House, and the sparkling natural harbor. Apart from this, you’ll also find beautiful public gardens, unspoilt foreshores and harbor islands.

The Taronga Zoo

The animals at Taronga Zoo are simply amazing, and you will find more than 2,500 native and exotic species. The zoo has tigers, gorillas, leopards, giraffes, koalas and kangaroos, and plenty of others. To get there, you’ll have to make a short ferry ride from Circular Quay, and you can also camp overnight at the zoo.

The Sydney Opera House is amazing!

Apart from the magnificent architecture that makes this building world famous, you’ll also be able to attend to music, arts and performance venues. You can also take a backstage tour, and in just a few hours you’ll find about the inner workings of this iconic place. The tours are held in several languages, including French, Mandarin, and even Japanese.

Walk the Beaches

Once you’re in Sydney, you can’t miss the beautiful beaches that this place has. There are several beaches near Bondi, and these include the Tamarama beach, the Bronte beach, and the Coongee beach. If you’d like to see the beautiful landscapes that nature offers, you can join the Bondi to Congee Walk, as this walk links all these beaches and gives you the finest ocean views. You’ll also find plenty of coffee shops on the route, interesting landmarks and, of course, great swimming places.

Dine at the Restaurants

The Quay is one of the best restaurants in the city, with the best view of Sydney Harbor and it’s known as a top restaurant. If you’re a fan of the Asian culture, you can try the Sepia restaurant, which offers you Japanese-inspired contemporary wines and foods. While you’re here, you can’t miss the Rockpool, which mixes the sophisticated classic flavors with the Asian ones. There’s also some world class casino restaurants in Sydney. If you can’t make it to one of the Sydney Casinos, then check out this guide to the best real money casinos online.

Sail the Waters

If you want to remember this trip, you should take the ferry ride, as this is one of this city’s signature travel experiences. You can also sail on a yacht in the harbor, as there are plenty to rent there. A sailing lesson is also recommended, and you can take as many as you can afford.

The Botanical Gardens

Don’t miss out the botanical gardens, as the Royal Botanical Garden is extensive and it’s also a place of scientific research. They have many educational programs, and you can sea_life_sydney_aquariumenjoy the landscape by taking a walking path or a scenic train ride for your children. The guides are free, and they tell you different info about the garden and its flora.

The Casinos in Sydney

Don’t forget the casinos, because if you’re here, you also need to check for the nightlife and taste its wonders. You can check in at the Star Sydney Casino Hotel, and you’ll be right in the center of the town. They have great casino games for those who like to gamble, but also international chefs, live shows with music and entertainment and everything else that you could think about.